Clickfunnels Pricing, A True Comparison, Get The Best Deal

Clickfunnels Pricing, Its confusing, what do you choose? We go over the 2 main packages and the differences so you know what to get!

Today we are going to be talking about Clickfunnels Pricing packages. As you may know Clickfunnels has two different pricing packages. The base package starts at $97 a month, and the higher plan and a $297 a month etison suite plan. So let's run down the differences real quick and see what you get for the different pricing packages. 



Number Of Active Funnels

First on the $97 a month plan you're only allowed to use 20 active funnels a month, at a time. That doesn't mean that you can't have more than 20 funnels in your account, it just means that you can only be running 20 active funnels at a time. In the Edison  $297 a month Clickfunnels plan, you get an unlimited amount. So if you need to run more than that you're gonna need to upgrade.

Number Of Funnel Steps

The next is the number of pages which is basically funnel steps. In the $97 a month clickfunnels pricing plan you can run a hundred pages or funnel steps at a time and the Edison suite the $297 a month plan is unlimited so I can't imagine why you would need to run more than a hundred pages a month at a time but again, if you do you're gonna have to upgrade to the $297 dollar a month plan.

What Is The Monthly Visitor Quota?

Another thing to consider is the number of visitors a month your website gets. So in the $97 a month plan you can only run 20,000 visitors to all of your given funnels per month. I don't run that amount to my funnels at this point per month and it does roll over so if you only get 5,000 visitors this month then next month you'll have an option of getting 25,000 visitors per month to your funnels. Of course the $297 option is unlimited visits.

How Many Contacts Can You Have?

Contacts, which is basically all the people that subscribe to you or opt-in to your funnels, anybody's information you might capture from any given funnel, they both have unlimited amount of people you can set up inside your clickfunnels account.

Can I Use A Custom Domain?

Custom domains, the $97 a month plan you can only use 3 custom domains for your for your funnels in your account and the Edison suite which is a $297 a month plan you have an unlimited amount.

Why Choose The Etison Plan?

Now let's get on to the bigger features that are added to the $297 a month etison Clickfunnels Pricing plan.

Built In Auto Responder

The first thing is actionetics which is an integrated built-in autoresponder it's a integrated built in email autoresponder which is phenomenal in my opinion it's as good as it gets for the $297 a month plan. That's what you get and for the $97 a month plan you do not get that. You would actually have to go out and get a third-party autoresponder from someone like Aweber, Active campaign or get response. With the $297 a month plan you get actionetics.


Built In Affiliate Program

Well let's say you have an clickfunnels affiliate program and you can manage all your affiliates underneath there. Basically you can plug them into your funnel and when they go out and promote your product you can keep up with all your affiliate commission and things that you need to pay them. You can also pay them out so it's a great feature. That's basically backpack is an affiliate manager.

Those are the differences in the two plans the $97 a month plan and the $297 etison suite. So with the $97 a month plan; just to run through it real quick again you get 20 active funnels, 100 active pages, 20,000 visitors a month, an unlimited amount of contacts and three custom domains.

With the $297 a month plan you get the normal clickfunnels pricing plan which has unlimited amount of funnels, unlimited amount of pages, unlimited amount of visitors, unlimited amount of contacts, unlimited amount of custom domains plus you get the built in integrated email autoresponder actionetics. 

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

One of the amazing aspects of ClickFunnels is it only comes with two major packages. Both packages allow you to get a 14 Day Free Trial. You certainly do not want to subscribe for a product that you even don’t understand how it works, right?

ClickFunnels allows you to get familiar with it so you can get used to navigating a platform that may be new to you.  The two ClickFunnels packages include the Full ClickFunnels Suite Option with a 30 Day Trial for just $297 a month and the ClickFunnels Standard option comes with a 30 Day Trial for just $97 a month.

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