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289 - Grab The Big Pile Of Cash First

Published on 09 Apr 2019 / In Clickfunnels


On today’s episode Russell talks about re-launching the Marketing In Your Car podcast and how that is going. He also talks about building a Dream 100 list and how that helps you grab big piles of cash before trying to market to a cold audience.

Here are some cool things in this episode:

The exciting new things happening with the Marketing In Your Car podcast.

Why Russell tells people in his Inner Circle to grab the piles of cash in front of them before doing extra work to market to a cold audience.

Find out what is happening with Russellbrunson.com and how you’ll be able to watch him go from 0 to a million of his books sold.

And how you can watch the each process by subscribing to the podcast, following Russell’s blog, and by watching Funnel Hacker TV.

So listen below to hear Russell’s thoughts on the podcast, and his Dream 100 list.

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