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Apples vs. Oranges Sales Funnel - Click Funnels Demo

Published on 26 Nov 2018 / In What is clickfunnels

Hi. Matt Capell here. Hey, I just want to share another funnel that I created. This one happens to be more of a traditional landing page or some people call it a squeeze page, but basically, what it is, is I want ... have them here to highlight some differences between like, say, your business and another business in a friendly way, so you're not really fighting with them per se, but you're just having some fun.
Again, this is built in Click Funnels. If you don't have it, I highly recommend it, and I'll put a link down below, or ask me some questions, and I can get you to a page that you can get a 14-day free trial. One of my businesses that I own, it's a flooring store, but I think this could work for any brick-and-mortar store, any situation, and like for an interior designer or electrician. Just something fun to do with your existing clientele or trying to get new people, build a list.
This is inside of Click Funnels here. I'm going to take you to the first page here. What this is, is it's just a fun way to do a comparison between your business and another. I think this is done in a fun way and tasteful. I don't think it's necessarily throwing mud at other people. I think that if people have a sense of humor, they can even if ... I don't know. I don't think people take offense to this post. I've gotten a good response and gotten people to smile and have a good time with it, so anyway, but I appreciate your feedback down below.
Basically, what I'm saying here is you got apples to oranges because a lot of times, people try to compare businesses, and it's really not a comparison, so that's a thing of me down below just having some fun with an apple and orange. Basically, what I have here is I have a few different offers, so depending on what somebody wants to do, it can take them down a different path. They can go down our free spot cleaner path. They can sign up for a design audit, which is a way to come in and have an appointment. It talks about just different things. This, actually I'll link to different funnels and things to redirect people to where they might want to go.
In the case of your business, you could put down awards or things that you've won, things that make you unique compared to other businesses in your area. It's just a good way to highlight blog posts, different things that set you apart and make your business a business that people want to do business with, so that's what that is. This also links to a book that people can get from me, so it just ... It's like a mini website too where we can take people down lots of different paths and directions depending on what they will do.
Again, more options for people here, and this is also a coupon that people could get as well, and then again, the book. Then, you have like Facebook comments below, or people can add different things and different elements, and they can ... I would say this is like a squeeze page/mini website, so depending on where people are at or different things, you have the ability to capture their information and start marketing to them with email.
That is the beauty about ... one thing about Click Funnels that's nice is if you're using a different email service provider, you can have Click Funnels talk to that. Then, you can use it together or Click Funnels has a program called Actionetics that you do it internally, and it works really well. I used to use other email programs, but I just use that now as well because that communicates well and it works really, really well.
This is the main page and that if people decide to opt in or depending on which area they want to go, in this case, they went to get the book, you can download it there, or if they reached out, it could be shipped to them as well. This is my apples to oranges Click Funnel funnel that I want to share with you, but yeah, tell me if there's a particular funnel you'd like me to build or if there's something you'd be interested in. I might begin to do that live and tackle that for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Give me an email. Commend below. I respond to everybody, so I hope you're having a wonderful day, and hopefully, if you haven't yet, I would highly recommend jumping on and using the power of Click Funnels for your business. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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