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ClickFunnels: How to Integrate With Sendgrid SMTP

Published on 26 Nov 2018 / In Clickfunnels

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to integrate ClickFunnels with Sendgrid SMTP so that when you create emails inside of ClickFunnels, you would be able to actually send those emails out to clients.

As of now, ClickFunnels doesn't have the functionality to send emails - it can only create them.

Unlike for example GetResponse or AWeber which can not only create autoresponders, but send them out as well.

This is why it is important to integrate ClickFunnels with a third party email sending software so that the emails can be sent out.

The first step is to create a Sendgrid account, which you can do here: www.sendgrid.com.

Fill in the necessary details, verify your account, etc...

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't use a gmail, yahoo, or any of those free email accounts when creating your account.

You should use a professional email to increase deliverability results and actually allow you to complete the integration.

You can get a free professional email using a variety of services, but I personally use the Namecheap private email option, since I can get a free email to go along with my purchased domain for 2 months, which gives me enough time to determine whether this product/autoresponder sequence is working or not.

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Once you set up an account, you would need to go into the ClickFunnels SMTP settings option at the top right of the screen and add an integration.

You would fill in the details step by step as before, such as adding the title of the integration, name of the person sending the emails that your contacts will see, the exact email your contacts will see, etc...

You would need to enter your Sendgrid username and password here, so keep those details handy.

The other bits of information I cover in the video, such as the SMTP domain, server, and port number.

You can also enter the address, but that doesn't really show up anywhere.

What will show up though is what is written there at the bottom in the footer section of the integration form.

The p in triangle brackets is the HTML code form for 'paragraph', allowing you to type in information such as address, phone number, etc...

You would need to edit that information between the paragraph signs to match your business, as that is what the contacts will see in the emails, or you can just delete that part altogether and leave just the 'unsubscribe' part.

The UN_SUB is the ClickFunnels short form for an actual unsubscribe button, which gives users the chance to click on it and immediately unsubscribe with another click of a button, so I wouldn't remove that part.

You can however edit the written part of that, such as by writing something like 'Click Here to Unsubscribe' rather than just 'Unsubscribe' if you want to.

After you do that, you can click on 'Save' as we are all done with this form now.

Now, you just need to copy the webhook ClickFunnels provides you and paste it into the Sendgrid 'event notifications' tab. Also make sure to checkmark the options listed in the video so that you get notified if a user bounces or unsubscribes, etc...

After you do that, just hit the little checkmark to the right of this event notifications option and you're good to go! Everything is done.

The one other thing you may want to also do is whitelist the domain, ie. prove that it belongs to you so that you can increase your deliverability for your emails, but I'll cover that in the next video.

Also, if you also want to receive an email after someone enters in the necessary details on the optin page, check out the video where I show you how to integrate Zapier with ClickFunnels so you can do just that.


That's it!

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Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video!

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