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ClickFunnels Local Business Funnel Templates - Our Highest Converters!

Published on 26 Nov 2018 / In Clickfunnels ecommerce

We use the templates below as the starting point for all of our ClickFunnels local business marketing funnel campaigns.

The share links for our local funnels can be found at the following link, along with details of how to use and customize the templates for your business - http://www.performancefunnels.....com/local-business-f

You can also find more videos linked on that page - videos that walkthrough each specific funnel and the strategy behind using them.

Gym funnel - https://app.clickfunnels.com/f....unnels/3860289/share

Yoga funnel - https://app.clickfunnels.com/f....unnels/3860270/share

Chiropractor funnel - https://app.clickfunnels.com/f....unnels/3869620/share

This collection of funnels can be used to promote ANY local business that wants to generate new leads, customers, clients or patients to a physical location. A few of the examples we’ve covered here include gyms, CrossFit, Yoga Studios and Chiropractors. However, these are only examples and the funnels can be changed and customized for any business you like.

Just make sure you keep the same strategies and tactics we’re using in the funnels. That means creating a compelling new customer offer to generate leads, then taking people to confirmation page and asking them to take a next step and contact the business. Follow up then happens for every lead, so the maximum number of sales can be converted from the leads generated.

We see the best results in terms of sales and new customer acquisition with these funnels when they are promoted with highly targeted Facebook and Instagram ads. That is our speciality as a digital marketing and funnel agency.

All of our local business share funnel links are here - http://www.performancefunnels.....com/local-business-f

For more details on ClickFunnels, read our review of the platform here - http://www.performancefunnels.....com/epic-review-of-c

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