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How To Install the ManyChat Checkbox Growth Tool With ClickFunnels Forms

Published on 26 Nov 2018 / In Clickfunnels vs leadpages

Want the code to install the ManyChat Checkbox Growth Tool with ClickFunnels forms? ManyChat & ClickFunnels have never worked better with this script.

Get It Inside Here: http://lnkh.co/xIaNqzQ


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hey everybody welcome back to another
awesome walkthrough today I want to show
you how to get the awesome little mini
chat checkbox installed on your click
funnels forums it's pretty
straightforward and I'm gonna show you
exactly how to do it so let's go ahead
and jump in if you're enjoying this
along the way don't forget to smash the
like button and if you have questions go
ahead and leave comments below and I
watch those very very closely so let's
go in so here's my website and this is
what it looks like that way you can get
this is the many new mini checkbox rough
tool where you can get a BA subscriber
and emails grabs at the same time the
issue is the code they give you to
install it really only works if you have
a hard coded button and thankfully
though there's a great little slip of
JavaScript you can drop right in there
and get them both at once so let's go
ahead and go into my funnel so there's
two ways to do it if you're super techy
listen for just one second here you can
do this you can do view page source you
can grab the manual code by searching
for the button you can grab the actual
code of the button and then drop it HTML
snippet or HTML element into your
clickfunnels form and then embed let's
see embed this chunk right into the
right into the submission button that
works but I'm gonna show you a much
easier way so let's go ahead and go
right in here
so to start you know you have to get the
growth tool make the check box growth
tool and then step number one you got to
make sure you put your website on here
well obviously I have a lot of websites
already but so you grab this little
JavaScript and jump into your funnel go
into the tracking code section and the
footer section you know drop it and
you'll see that's exactly what this is
I'm in the footer section this is just
the script that makes sure that your
funnel can connect to many chats like
the middle stop it
check box and it's not many chat it's
it's the bridge to make sure you are
mini chat check box or your growth tool
can communicate with your mini chat so
once that's installed then we're gonna
go back over here and we're going to
embed the check box so this code this is
the actual check box itself and so we're
gonna go ahead for me my forms on a
pop-up so on the custom JavaScript HTML
open code editor and drop it right in
and this is that check box code you can
see right there
that's the actual physical code or the
actual physical check box that you see
right here and as long as the JavaScript
that we said before is in stone and this
is installed this will show up correctly
and you can check it and uncheck it the
third step is the confusing part like I
said if you're super techie you can grab
the source code from the site grab the
code from the button
reinstall the button hard coded and drop
it in that way or there's a really great
script that I'll link where you can get
it in the description below so what I do
now is in the footer there is this new
script of code you can get and what this
does is it allows you to submit the form
and the check box at the exact same time
without changing without going into the
code and recording the button I so I did
it for a while and now I found this code
it's even better so we go ahead and copy
and paste that code right into here and
as you can see this is still a normal
button that I can edit and change along
the fly and then I'm going to my website
and if I check that and submit the form
then what we should see is we should be
able to go over here and you can see I
was just subscribed to my own chat bot
so here is the deal unfortunately this
script is not my own but you can find it
instead of see if pro tools
you can get by signing up for funnel you
and I'll put a link in the description
below exactly where you can get that so
I hope that was helpful for you as long
as you have those pieces in place is
going to work fantastic and for the rest
of you hopefully this is helpful but
don't forget to subscribe to my channel
don't forget to like this drop me a
comment and love some feedback on topics
you want me to cover or walkthroughs
that you need some help with and I'd
love to help you in any area of online
business so everybody until next time
happy marketing and I'll see you later
good bye

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