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Introduction to accessing Click Funnels

Published on 15 Mar 2019 / In Clickfunnels

This is quick tutorial on creating site in Click Funnels. First how you access Click Funnels and where you navigate to access and easily create funnels.

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After selecting add new to create a new funnel, I choose "the cookbook" and show you have to select a template that matches the theme you would like. If you are in an industry you will see different funnels and you can select a blank funnel. There are many different funnels to choose from.

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Watch as I select 'professional services' and use the 'lead generation ' template. Each funnel has a short video where Russel Brunson describes the funnel in detail. Quickly learn what the elements are and choose to use the funnel.

Keep in mind you can always use a blank funnel. I prefer to use a funnel that matches the general theme I am heading in since you can always modify the elements after selecting. You can see the pages including thank you page. After you click "get funnel" it quickly installs.

Click Funnels - Introduction
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