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Sales Funnel Marketing - How to Build a Quiz Funnel 2019 DEMO

Published on 15 Mar 2019 / In Marketing Funnel

[Sales Funnel Marketing - How to Build a Quiz Funnel Demo 2019] Today I'm interviewing guest expert Christen Schneider as she takes you through a live demonstration on how to build your own Quiz Funnel.

Christen's company Quiz For Your Biz specializes in building online funnels but really loves Quiz Funnels - Why?

Because they’re incredibly effective. People love them, from 80 year old uncles to your 12 year old neighbor…people can’t resist taking a good quiz.

That’s the trick, though. They have to be good. They have to be engaging so people actually want to finish them. Maybe they’ll even share them! That’s step #1.

And in today's training she's going to not only teach you how to make sure they're good, but also how to build one yourself.

And if you're not sure what would make a good quiz or lead magnet for you - she's got you covered - grab her download here


And since the quiz is only the START of the funnel, she'll also take you through what to do with all those leads you collect and how to nurture them so that they become paying clients.

And the best part- she's going to answer your questions LIVE - if you are watching the replay - make sure to leave your questions in the comments section and she'll make sure to come back and answer them. Or you can always email her at [email protected] and she'd love to help you out.

If you would like to connect with Christen you can here is where you can find her on social

Instagram - @christenjschneider or https://www.instagram.com/christenjschneider/

Facebook - @christenjschneider or https://www.facebook.com/christenjschneider/
Pinterest - @christenjschneider or https://www.pinterest.com/christenjschneider/
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/christens/

Download how to turn any conversation into a sales conversation

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