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Scale your Sales and Marketing funnel with Value Ladders

Published on 09 Apr 2019 / In Marketing Funnel

What is a Value ladder? How can you use this technique to scale your sales and marketing funnel exponentially?

Organisations often have the wrong perception how to align sales and marketing. You can build up way more quality leads if your sales teams can call and share valuable content and tools than just asking straight for a meeting. People need to TRUST you before you can close any deal. The best way to do this is to have sales give input in the material marketing needs to produce. This is exactly what a value ladder does. Also, it will also give you an up-sell opportunity at every step.

That is why we have created the DIY Value Ladder Canvas. With this canvas, you can build your value ladder in an easy way and tune all the steps individually to reach your goals much faster. Check the canvas here:


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Michael Humblet is obsessed with designing, building and scaling sales engines and founder of Chaomatic.com and Schoolofsales.org , focused on unlocking & maximizing revenue growth trusted by over +207 companies. He is a seasoned sales strategist who served in different Sales Leadership functions. Michael Humblet is the host of The Sales Acceleration Show, the sales and marketing focused Q&A show on how to accelerate and scale your business.

More resources if You're Ready to Go Deeper:


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