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The EASIEST Way To Start A PROFITABLE Shopify Dropshipping Store In 2019! (STOP DOING THIS)

Published on 26 Nov 2018 / In Clickfunnels

In this one I talk about the easiest way to start a profitable shopify dropshipping store in 2019. Many people like to start stores around certain things they like, and try to create a brand right away. Now I dont think this is a bad idea at all, but I warn you, it will take a lot more effort and skill to pull it off! It is NOT the easiest way to start. That being said, I do believe that every stores long term goal should be to develop a brand. This will allow you to get a huge competitive edge on bigger brands and to take advantage of email marketing and social media branding. These things will allow you to be MORE profitable since your email list is yours and can be maximized to bring you in lots of profits. Retargeting is also much more effective when you have a more branded store.

Nevertheless, I still think its a mistake to start in that direction. Its much easier to find products that work when you have no limitations on the products you are able to test, this is why the general store model is easier to start with. In this video I also show you how I am currently finding some winning products for my store. Every time I have started a new store I have always started general stores and turned them into what I call general niche stores after I find a few products that are working really well. I personally think this is the smartest way to go and strongly recommend everyone to do the same. It is also important to build out a community/following through social media largely due to the fact that facebook prioritizes businesses with bigger a bigger online presence. This means that if your shopify dropshipping store has a bigger online presence than other stores, your facebook ads will perform better in the auctions. Facebook is a lot more strict when it comes to letting dropshipping stores do whatever they want so in 2019 especially we will have to look much more like a brand if we want to be able to efficiently compete.

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